Why These Last Of Us 2 Characters Could Appear In Season 1

Last Of Us 2

HBO’s The Last of Us season 1 is currently airing, and although the season directly focuses on the events of the first game, it’s very possible that some characters from The Last of Us Part II could appear. The cast of the first game is pretty small, with Joel and Ellie being by themselves for most of the game’s story. The Last of Us Part II, however, introduces a greater ensemble of main characters, many of whom would be perfect to introduce early in the story of HBO’s The Last of Us season 1. Even show co-creator Craig Mazin has already teased the possibility of characters from the second game appearing, specifically hinting that The Last of Us season 1 would feature the Seraphite Prophet.

The Last of Us follows Joel and Ellie as they navigate the post-apocalyptic landscape of the United States, as they attempt to get Ellie to a secure location in Seattle in order to cure the zombie virus that has ravaged the planet. Virtually every game character from The Last of Us game has or will make an appearance in the HBO series, with popular side characters like Bill, Tess, Sam, and Henry all confirmed to make appearances in season 1. However, many characters were retconned into the universe of the games in The Last of Us Part II, granting HBO the opportunity to set them up in season 1.

The Last Of Us Part II Characters Who Can Appear In HBO’s Last Of Us Season 1

There are several The Last of Us Part II characters who could appear in HBO’s The Last of Us season 1, not least of all the Seraphite Prophet who serves as a murky messianic figure in the backstory of Part II‘s Seraphites. The Seraphites are a major part of the second game’s world and story, so setting them up in The Last of Us season 1 would be a good idea. This could also allow for the appearance of other well-known Seraphites, such as Lev and Yara.

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The Last of Us Part II also adds a whole new cast of characters living in Seattle. Abby Anderson is the antagonist-turned-protagonist of The Last of Us Part II, and since Joel and Ellie meet her dad at the end of the first game, she may get an appearance. In fact, any member of Abby’s Washington Liberation Front could show up in The Last of Us season 1, including characters like Owen, Manny, and Mel. Ellie also has a whole new friend group in The Last of Us Part II, such as Dina and Jesse, and it would be nice for season 1 to introduce them.

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Last Of Us Season 1 Ending Can Set Up Part II’s Story

If the HBO show stays true to the first game’s storyline, the ending of The Last of Us season 1 is already primed to be the perfect setup for continuing with The Last of Us Part II‘s storyline in season 2. Likewise, if the HBO series follows the story of the game, Joel will kill Abby’s father and take Ellie away from the Fireflies, preventing a cure from being made. Joel’s calamitous endgame decision in Part I cause Abby to seek revenge in The Last of Us Part II, kicking off the events of the second game. It seems like HBO’s The Last of Us is already going down this path, and hopefully season 2 will focus on the events of The Last of Us Part II, with some Part II characters already introduced in season 1.

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