“I Was Asked To Leave” – Damon Lindelof Finally Opens Up On Star Wars Departure

Damon Lindelof

Writer Damon Lindelof has opened up about his Star Wars exit, only half a year after his involvement in a feature film was announced. Now that Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Star Wars film centered on Rey Skywalker has been officially announced, it was also confirmed that this was the initial project Lindelof was hired for. However, Lindelof left the project in February 2023, with Peaky Blinders’ creator Steven Knight hired to rewrite the script.

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Despite the unclarity of Lindelof’s exit from Star Wars, the writer has finally opened up about why the film fell apart in an interview with Esquire. When asked on whether he was in talks for a Star Wars film, Lindelof replied: “I was in more than talks to join the Star Wars universe, I joined the Star Wars universe and was asked to leave.” These comments are interesting, to say the least. Lindelof’s words make it clear that he had no intention to depart from Star Wars, instead that Lucasfilm asked him to leave in favor of another screenwriter.

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Why Was Damon Lindelof Asked To Leave Star Wars?

The answer to why Lindelof was asked to leave Star Wars is not so concrete. In the Esquire interview, Lindelof says that a film will still be made, “but unfortunately not with me.” This makes the rumors that Knight was hired to rewrite Lindelof’s project hold more merit, with Lucasfilm’s ever-changing plans for Star Wars on the big screen causing his departure.

With other projects being completely dropped from development by Lucasfilm in recent years, it is clear the studio was attempting to map out its overarching plan for Star Wars’ theatrical future. It is obvious now, after Star Wars Celebration 2023, that this involves the exploration of three sects of the Star Wars timeline. The simple fact is likely that Lindelof’s vision for whatever his project would be did not fit Lucasfilm’s plans, and the studio asked him to leave as a result. Regardless, it is likely more news on Lindelof’s canned project will be revealed in the future, amidst three new Star Wars films after a lengthy cinematic hiatus.

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