Armor Wars Can Resolve MCU’s New Avengers Team Setup

Armor Wars

Marvel’s West Coast Avengers setup can finally come to fruition in the upcoming Armor Wars movie. Just as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has laid the foundation for the Young Avengers during Phase 4, many projects have seemingly included teases for the formation of the West Coast Avengers. The various teases have so far not paid off, as the new Avengers team assembling might still be a few years away. But as the West Coast Avengers progress continues to grow with more project announcements, an end game could be in sight and see the team form in Armor Wars, which was originally meant to be a Disney+ series.

Marvel’s decision to transform Armor Wars into a movie could be a sign that this will be where the MCU’s West Coast Avengers characters and storylines will converge. The original announcement for the project detailed a series focused on Rhodey tracking down stolen Stark Industries technology, which is similar to the comics. Marvel Studios traditionally puts its own spin on the comic stories, and expanding Armor Wars into a bigger event with its new movie format is clear. The West Coast Avengers might now be able to help Rhodey fight the threat that stole Iron Man’s technology, turning Armor Wars into a secret Avengers movie.

West Coast Avengers Heroes Who Can Be In Armor Wars

The roster of West Coast Avengers heroes who can appear in Armor Wars includes a variety of established and upcoming MCU heroes. White Vision, Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and U.S. Agent are some established MCU characters who have been members of the team in the comics. Of that group, White Vision appearing in Armor Wars has long made sense since his creation is tied to Stark technology. Hawkeye included a tease for the group’s headquarters having a connection to Kate Bishop, but Clint Barton makes more sense to join the West Coast Avengers team. Armor Wars could even feature Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Simon Williams after Wonder Man.

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The MCU’s West Coast Avengers team could also make some changes to fit the layout of the shared universe. Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne were members in the comics, but Scott Lang’s Ant-Man and Hope van Dyne’s Wasp could take their spots, especially since they live in San Francisco. Meanwhile, the MCU has heroes like Shang-Chi and She-Hulk stationed on the west coast, so their involvement in Armor Wars new Avengers team would make sense. The movie could also introduce Tigra, Darkhawk, or Machine Man as members of the team.

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Armor Wars’ Avengers Team Can Connect To Secret Wars

Even though Marvel Studios has not given Armor Wars a release date, the movie forming the West Coast Avengers could also help the film connect to Avengers: Secret Wars. The formation of the team would give them a chance to return in the multiverse fight against Kang the Conqueror. However, if Armor Wars does not happen until Phase 7, Secret Wars could be the place where some of these characters interact for the first time. This would allow Armor Wars to be the first official time the West Coast Avengers form, allowing Marvel to build on the events of Phase 6’s final movie.

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